Nuclear Industry 416 Hospital (hereafter referred to as the 416 Hospital) belongs to the Chinese national nuclear corporation (former ministry of nuclear industry).
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Introduction_Nuclear Industry 416 Hospital

Nuclear Industry 416 Hospital (hereafter referred to as the 416 Hospital) belongs to the Chinese national nuclear corporation (former ministry of nuclear industry). It is a level 3b hospital in the southwest that combines medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, located in Second ring road north four paragraph 4 of chenghua district in Chengdu.

416 Hospital covers an area of 43647 square meters, existing staff of 1200 people, of more than 1000 health technical personnel, including more than 100 professional staff with Doctor or Master's degree. A total of 10 experts to enjoy special government allowances of the state council.

416 Hospital has 600 beds, 36 professional departments, including 25 clinical departments, 11 medico-technical department. Hospital has 18 units, 23 nursing unit, and the actual 702 beds. Hospital has nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and spiral CT, ECT, automatic biochemical analyzer, digital gastrointestinal machine, color doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, etc. These advanced medical equipments are widely used in clinical diagnosis and treatment. There are 500000 person-time of outpatient, more than 20000 hospitalized patients and more than 9000 surgery in the hospital annually.

416 Hospital is a teaching hospital of nine medical colleges and universities, such as Chengdu university medical college, Chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine, Chengdu medical college, Zunyi medical college, north Sichuan medical college, Ya 'an vocational technical institute, Zigong health technology school, Neijiang medical school and Huaxi health technology school. In 2009, It became to be indirect management of the affiliated hospital of Chengdu medical college.

Now mainly specialized medical technology are: hyperthyroidism nuclide therapy, surgical treatment of epilepsy, the surgical treatment of children with cerebral palsy, dermatologic surgery, surgery and radiation therapy technology of thyroid associated ophthalmopathy, cardiovascular intervention, extracorporeal circulation cardiac surgery, the spine of the protruding after lateral orthopedics, etc. Nuclear medicine specialist outpatient quantity ranks first in China. Nuclide imaging quantity is the top of the country.

In 2009, 416 Hospital began to implement informatization construction, built HIS, CIS, LIS, OA system, Physical Examination Information System and resident doctor workstation, and gradually improve. We are always committed to meet the requirements of the modern hospital development of computer network and management information system, and realize integration management of people, wealth, object and information, establishing a set of scientific medical quality control system which conform to the clinical management.

Since the building of the hospital, 416 Hospital adheres to the patient as the center, using the advanced enterprise culture management idea, and improve the comprehensive strength of the hospital in accordance with the level of first-class hospital standard. 416 hospital efforts to achieve "holding first-class talents, developing first-class technology, providing first-class services, building first-class hospital" development goals. We are committed to building a modern digital large comprehensive hospital, efforting to provide convenient , effective, superior and secure medical services for patients.

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